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Why customer service is important in office cleaning

The way to achieving success in the cleaning business is not just offering a great service but offering exceptional customer service. Customer service that results in completely satisfied customer is not difficult and it is neither instinctive nor simple. But being attentive, staying calm and customer support training are all an important part of the system that can help at all times keep customers loyal to your business.

As a cleaning company, you should know how to offer excellent customer support because your livelihood and the success of your company greatly depend on it. And on top of that, isn’t customer service simply common sense?

What Do Customers Want?


Customers in recent times want more than simply a thoroughly clean office. They really desire customised service, effectiveness, dependability, high quality service, and their queries responded to instantly and in the right way. Additionally, they really want to be made to feel important. They should feel that you and your workers take their worries very seriously and if it is important to them it is as well important to you.

When there is an issue, they want assurance that the situation would be resolved. For customers, there is practically nothing worse than making a complaint regarding an issue and then have that same issue crop up again. It is your work to ensure the issue has been resolved so it doesn’t crop up again as soon as it has been brought to your attention.

Handling Difficult Customers

Dealing with difficult customers is not really easy so it’s crucial that you train your staff on how to handle them. The very first thing to be aware of is to stay calm. Pay attention and allow the customer talk. The 3 most crucial things to be aware of with regards to difficult customers are as follows: Do not become defensive, do not take it personally and don’t blame others.

The customer is concerned about the circumstance, definitely not with you, it is therefore your job to be empathetic to their circumstance and determine what they want. After paying attention to the customer and getting to know more with regards to what they want, take responsibility for what you are able to do and talk about the options. If you want to get another person involved, get it done right away and make clear the next steps to the customer so that they know you are focusing on a resolution at the moment. It’s crucial that you follow-through with the customer to make them aware of what will happen next. Once customers feel you have made them a top priority and that you are interested in quick resolution, they are likely to keep on being loyal to your business.

Customer Support Training for Your Employees

There are numerous customer support scenarios that your staff may come across when carrying out their job, so it’s a smart idea to take note of a number of example scenarios. Next, make clear the appropriate and inappropriate way to handle the situation, and give out certain action steps so they understand specifically how to respond to the customer or better still present your staff with a situation and ask them how they would handle it. This allows them come up with amazing solutions.



Bristol Mum’s views on Gleem Cleaning

A gleaming house clean with Gleem, Bristol


As a mum, I have a lot of things to do and limited time in which to do them.

Looking after the kids, running a house, cooking, cleaning, keeping on top of the laundry, running my own business, seeing my friends – I find it hard to do everything and consequently something often has to give.

Unfortunately, what often gives is cleaning the house; with a million things to do and with limited time to do it all, I have to prioritise and often surface cleaning is all I can manage.

It is always good to access help when and where you can. Having a cleaner can really help you by giving you more time to spend doing the more important things in your life, like spending time with your kids and earning a living!

Gleem logo 2

This is where Bristol cleaning company Gleem comes in. Gleem prides itself on being a high quality, on demand cleaning company. Set up by Bristolian, Joseph Edwards, Gleem’s cleaners work in teams and asks for feedback following every clean. Gleem also pays its cleaners higher wages and offers them bonuses for good feedback, thus ensuring quality house cleans.

It is quick and easy to book a Gleem house clean, you just go to the Gleem website and pick a time and day that suits you.


10 Lessons Learnt From Running A Successful Startup

Rocket to success_tiny

#01. The biggest risk is not giving it a chance


risk (1)

My  personal principle is to give anyone and anything a chance. I have tried so many things during our early stages, from booking systems, CRMs, phone services and of course to people. Experiment, experiment and experiment.

Looking for high quality cleaners can be a challenging task, so we have decided to give everyone and everything a chance.

So when we first started we invited almost everyone for interview to discover what sort of cleaning skills they posses. That’s how we found exceptional cleaners that other cleaning companies may have refused to interview.

Not everyone has an fancy elaborated CV or Covering Letter, but giving them daily job tasks during interviews helped us to create and see how they work and how they react in real world situations.

#02. You do not know everything: embrace it and ask for help from everyoneask-for-help-masthead

Listen and Learn: You will never know who can help you if you’re not asking for help.

The secret is to get involved: meet with people, attend conferences and any meetings that you consider relevant and that can bring a small contribution to your company.

I have started to approach friends, friends of friends and even random people from conferences and meetings that had never heard about Gleem. But I tried it and help has come from people that I didn’t expect. I’ve made a list of contacts and advice that people gave me and now try to apply them to my company.

#03. Too many cooks spoil the broth: take opinions on board but still make the final decision yourself

decision (1)

I gathered a lot of opinions and ideas that other people considered great for Gleem, but you always have to balance them and see from the other side. They don’t have the full picture, so might not be looking at issues from the most appropriate angle…

I took into consideration each opinion, but madesure I whole-heartedly agreed with the changes I made to Gleem and to my personal life also. You’re the business owner and you have to decide what’s right or not for your company.

#04. Believe in yourself: have confidence in your abilities.


Having confidence in everything you do is really important. But confidence come doesn’t that easy, you have to gain it. Not everyone is a great cleaner, not everyone is a great speaker and not everyone is a great leader.

If you want to be confident in everything you do, you have to change your perspective about things, start to think more positively and challenge yourself.

#05. Regularly remind yourself of the bigger picture: your bigger aims and ambitions

Quotefancy-29435-3840x2160 (1)

If you don’t think big enough, you’ll never achieve anything big.

A few years ago, when I started the company, I knew there was an opportunity, and I pictured myself as a leader in the cleaning industry around Bristol and Bath area. Guess what happened over the time? We became leaders.

Have you ever watched or read The Secret ? I don’t personally trust everything that’s written in this book, but some things are definitely like that. Set specific goals into your head, illustrate them on a board or document and improve: become personally accountable and dedicated to targets. Be outspoken about them, and you’ll be that much more committed to making sure that they come to fruition.

#06. Build a business that represents you: if you build something different you will stop enjoying it

Inspirational-Quotes-2 (1)

About a year ago, I found myself focussing on the figures, the growth (the money). I found myself more lethargic everyday, and enjoying being in the business less and less.

I had started a business to have a job that I loves, but I wasn’t loving it.

Once I realised this, I knew how important it was that the morals, and structure of the business MUST be alligned to me as an individual: If it wasn’t, how could I FULLY enjoy it? So from that day forwards I have vowed to myself that Gleem needs to stay true to my personality: and I love my job more and more every single day: I don’t focus relentlessly on the numbers, I focus relentlessly on enabling everyone who works at, with or comes into contact with Gleem to enjoy themselves: that’s what it’s all about for me.

#07. Have confidence in other people’s abilities: trust them to truly get the best out of them

Quotefancy-13230-3840x2160 (1)

Working with people that you don’t trust can be really difficult, nearly impossible. I’ve tried to build trust  to grow a better business.

When I first started hiring people I looked meticulously at their skill set, and this caused me a few issues along the way. Now I focus upon raw enthusiasm for the role and for Gleem: if they have those, I have full confidence that they’ll work hard and learn the skills to make themselves (and Gleem) a success, and I’m willing to let them make mistakes because I know they’ll learn from them. They know that this is how I operate too, and it gives them a freedom in their roles that I love to talking about: a freedom that brings out the best in people.

#08. Stay frugal: think through your decisions to spend or invest in things carefully

steve-jobs-motivational-quotes-business visionary apple (1)

I started Gleem with £200, and we’ve never been a cash rich business. Consider this position in comparison to VC backed businesses. We have to think through our spends carefully and save money wherever possible. This could be considered a drawback, but it is also a huge blessing: before we spend we have to lock down our priorities and then focus upon them. It stops us throwing money at a problem to try and make it go away, and instead we look for efficient solutions: solutions that make us sustainable and efficient

#09. Share your long term ambitions with your team. It can help to sculpt their decisions.

keepaway (1)

Being an entrepreneur, with an NED, and part of an incubator brings about a necessary level of reflecting and foresight in terms of what I want the business to become. That’s all well and good, but if my team wren’t informed about these aims (and helping to sculpt them), they might not be as fired up as I am. They certainly would be making decisions based upon this bigger picture.

#10. Enjoy the ride: overcoming adversity and tackling challenges are where the real enjoyment comes from.

Quotefancy-20213-3840x2160 (1)

When I reflect upon my business journey so far, I find myself smiling the most when I think about the challenges: the tough parts that I came through, the troughs of the roller-coaster, because once you come out of a difficult period, the sense on satisfaction is so energising, it’s what empowers you to keep pushing.


#11. Be thankful with what you have achieved.

thankufl (1)

At times I looked at the business and felt frustration with where we were in comparison to HUGE businesses: still just a small business that was barely profitable. This got me feeling pretty low at times, and I lost my drive…I had so much further to go until I was where I want Gleem to be…will I ever make it?

But looking back on the business presents things in a completely different light: I had £200 when I started the business. We’ve started, grown, rebranded and kept growing: I’ve gone from working on a dining table at my parents house to operating out of a 1000 square foot office in just 2 years. I have built a team of 7 people around me who believe in Gleem, and out cleaners have growing from Olga and Karoline (my first team of 2 cleaners who gave the business model a shot) to over 50 cleaners. Yes there is a long way to go…my my how far we’ve come!

Important Kitchen Cleaning Tips


The task of keeping your kitchen clean can be a bit of a challenge, especially since it will require you to deal with many substances that stain and turn your surfaces into a mess.

The fact that you are dealing with perishables is also something that needs to be kept in mind as you move forward with your days. For many households keeping your kitchen clean happens to deal with lots of caked on food, but also having to dig through a lot of items to clean your kitchen furniture as well.

If you want to keep that to a minimum you can go through a different approach, such as clearance for all the older items that need to go. When it comes down to clearance you will have a lot to gain from this as it will free up space, making the rest of your work faster to deal with and much more fun.

The following examples will give you a chance to figure out how you want to proceed with this:


  • Taking care of coffee stains more easily will require you to take this in a few easy steps. Just dip a piece of cloth into egg yolk and work on the location where the stain happened. Once you work on this you will be able to rinse it out with water and to lift the spot and to take care of such issues without having to worry about it. You can make use of a number of substances, beginning with ethylic alcohol to ensure you take care of all such stains without any issues. You can work on keeping your kitchen clean, including your oven, floors and more, as long as you remember to also take care of house clearance too to get rid of any items that get in the way. Blot out the spots and work on them until they are completely gone.


  • Taking care of the kitchen countertops will also take some work to complete, but in the end you can keep them shiny and clean without too much effort. Do keep in mind that you need to sanitize them as well if you want to avoid any nasty bacteria. Clearance of whatever is on top of them will be a good first step, opening up the space so you can clean the entire surface of the countertop in a more efficient way.


  • Keeping your glasses and tableware clean will be something that requires a lot of care. There is a good reason why bartenders are always cleaning glasses. A jet of hot water sprayed inside will help break down most of the debris and anything else that may be a problem, such as greasy spots. You can work on this fairly easily, as long as you are done with this work in advance after clearance of any unnecessary glasses and tableware that is simply getting in the way. Lemon juice, borax, vinegar and so much more can be used to ensure this works, all without the use of any harsh chemicals that would ruin your day and bring the worst of your allergies out.


Cleaning Tasks Before You Move Out


The last thing you want to do before you move to a new home is to clean your old place. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid the tedious cleaning tasks, especially if it is the only difference between getting your deposit back. It’s always nice to have some extra money to balance your moving costs. So just blast on some music, grab the broom and get done with it.  Here is a room-by- room list of all the chores you need to tackle:

General Tasks:

The best strategy is to leave everything the way you found it when you moved in. Cover all areas that you might be billed for later.

  • Vacuum each room and remove any stains from the carpets.
  • Wash the floor and clean the windows.
  • Dust the ceiling fixtures and the shelves Wipe down all the surfaces and give your window treatments a nice wash.
  • You don’t necessarily need to wipe the walls, unless they are not too filthy.
  • Be sure to clean door knobs, as well as the light switches and outlets.
  • If you are planning to get rid of some furnishing or other large piece, schedule a professional clearance services.


The kitchen is one of the toughest and most time-consuming parts of your home to clean. That is why it’s best to start with it first.

  • Remove all the food and debris from the kitchen cabinetry and the fridge.
  • Wipe the front of the cabinets and clean the insides.
  • Sanitize the countertops.
  • Scrub the refrigerator and clean thoroughly each shelf.
  • Scour the oven inside out. Use steel wool to tackle the drip pans and the burners.
  • Clean all kitchen appliances such as the dishwasher and the microwave.
  • Scrub and shine the sink and faucet.


The bathroom is another tough area that involves a lot of scrubbing and washing:

  • Take the soap scum off the bathroom tiles, the tub and/or the shower and then bleach the grout.
  • Clean out the debris and hair from the bathroom drawers and vanity.
  • Wash the mirror
  • Scrub the toilet and the sink
  • Sweep and mop the floors

Bedroom/ Living Room:

Leave the bedroom and the living room for last. These rooms require only basic clearance and maintenance.

  • Dust, vacuum and mop these areas.

Bonus Tips:

To ensure that you haven’t forgotten something, check your move in/move out clearance form. There you will find a list with the items and appliances that are subject to the end-of tenancy inspection.

Aside from general cleaning, take time to de-clutter your place. Decide what you want to keep and what should go away.  Ensure that you haven’t left anything behind, especially food and other perishable products. If you need to dispose any large amount of rubbish, you can turn to the waste removal professionals to save time and efforts.

It may seem like a lot of work, but with a little patience and dedication, your efforts will be rewarded.